Which goggle lens is best for you?

04/02/2021 12:00AM

We often get asked what’s the benefits or disadvantages of tinted goggles lenses. So this small guide may help you when selecting your next set of goggles.


Clear Lenses:
Clear lenses are a great all-purpose lens for beginners. But they should be mostly used for low light conditions/near darkness but can be used for day conditions but be cautious in full sun they will not block any sun out!

Orange Lenses:
Orange lenses will help brighten your view in lower lighting conditions but also reduces glare. They also increase contrast which helps you see those upcoming ruts other may not see. Some riders use these as an all-rounder alternative to clear lenses.

Rose Lenses:
Rose lenses are also another option for an all-rounder lens. They provide great light and glare protection. Wearing Rose lenses also provides you with increased depth perception to judge those ruts and like the orange have an increased contrast to help you see those little holes and lines.

Yellow Lenses:
The yellow works great in overcast conditions with low lighting. Due to their natural brightness they allow you to see better without needing a lot of light, while also cutting down on glare and improving depth perception.

Blue Lenses:
Blue are mainly used in muddy conditions, they give you more clarity, which is great when trying to pick which line to run in muddy, crappy conditions.

Grey/ Smokey Lenses:
Grey lenses are perfect for bright conditions as they reduce glare from direct sunlight. The darker the grey the more light your lenses will absorb therefor less glare in your eyes. But if the conditions darken over the period of a day it may become difficult to see.

The range of motocross goggles is huge and can be confusing but the team at Wimmera Motorcycle Co are always happy to help your with any queries. We stock a large range of goggles (Fox, Scott, 100%,Thor & Oakley) and if we don’t have it we will do our best to help you get your perfect set!