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Feb 14 2018
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14th February 2018
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Michael Blake
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Holiday of a Lifetime

On a family trip to America, Michael Blake got the chance of a lifetime to ride at some of the nation’s best tracks by hooking up with owner and coach of SLMX School Sean Lipanovich.

On arriving in the USA, I travelled to Milestone Mx track in California where I was met by Sean and a fully prepped bike. After starting on the junior track to get a feel for the bike I quickly found my way onto one of the Veteran tracks where I got to spend the next few hours riding. This was one of my favorite tracks because I could clear all the jumps and had the most fun.  


Day 2 I headed out to Perris Mx track to ride under lights at Mini night were only riders on an 85/100cc or less could ride. Riding with some of the nation’s best young riders under lights was an amazing experience I didn’t want to come off the track! Being able to ride under lights like a professional and not having to get off the track for the big kids made this night a great event.

Day 3 was a trip out to Glenn Helen MX track. Glenn Helen is one of those tracks that has to be seen to be believed, the scale and steepness of the hills was incredible.. This is where a lot of professional riders go to train and today was no exception as the Supercross riders were out on the track! Gearing up I headed straight out on the main track for a few laps. Rocket speed is how I would describe their speed, with proof on my arm after a roost from one of the riders.

I was super lucky to see the 2019 factory KTM and Factory Husqvarna 450s in action as Sean Lipanovich had the job of doing a comparison article for a MX magazine. I decided to spend some time on the Veterans track until the professional riders had gone and finished the day attacking the challenging course.


Day 4 out at Lake Elsinore Mx track for my final ride day. Starting out on the veterans track i was put through my paces by Sean and even got to do a few challenges with the other riders in the group who were all on 250s and above. The woops were the best part of this track as it was nice and flowy. 


Day 5 was a ride free day but Sean had organised pit passes to Anaheim 2 Supercross. Walking through the pits seeing all the trucks and bikes was awesome, not to mention seeing the riders in person. The scale of the show was amazing and the speed those professional riders who were able to go over the technical and intimidating track was crazy.


Now back home I am excited to get back into racing and looking forward to seeing what this year’s season will throw at me.

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