Battery Care

Are you aware that a motorcycle fitted with an Immobiliser/Alarm will draw approximately 1% of the battery capacity per day?

To initially start some motorcycles, 60% of your battery’s capacity is required.

Do the maths….  If your motorcycle hasn’t been ridden (not just started and run in the shed) for a month or so, you're expecting a lot from your battery.

Allowing a battery to be fully discharged and remain fully discharged over an extended period will damage its ability to accept and store a new charge. Successful recovery of a deeply discharged battery will depend on the length of time it has remained completely discharged. A recovered battery that has been allowed to become completely flat will permanently lose 10-15% of it’s capacity each time it is recovered.

It's in the owner’s best interest to make sure this type of scenario doesn’t happen; it’s only when you go out to your bike for a ride that you discover you have a flat battery, so the timing is always bad.

One of the best, cost-effective measures an owner can do to ensure the longevity of their battery is to actually use a genuine Harley-Davidson Waterproof Battery Tender! To see the features of the Battery Tender and buy online, details are here.